Creative curiosity graphics Jackson Hole WY
Snake River Roasting Company
May 22, 2018
Creative curiosity graphics Jackson Hole WY
Snow King Mountain Resort
May 21, 2018


Custom poster and print designs for an annual event series produced by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.

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An annual event series produced by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce each May. ElkFest is a weekend of activities built around the Jackson Hole Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction. Old West Days celebrates Western culture with a parade, family activities, rodeo, live music, local beer, and more.CHALLENGE
The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce produces two events back to back each spring. Elkfest and Old West Days are promoted on a limited budget, with complementary but differentiated design each year around Memorial Day. The events are advertised together in printed advertising, signage and in printed collateral material including a brochure. The design sets the tone for the events, and has to be flexible enough to allow for inclusion of last minute event and sponsor changes. Each year requires a new viewpoint, graphics, and typography to fit the established messaging for the events.

Each year Creative Curiosity works with the Chamber staff to develop fresh custom posters embodying the essence of the events, through image exploration, sketching and montaging, we skillfully combine images of nature, The Boy Scouts of America, and the Old West, inspired by iconic western and Jackson Hole imagery.

To create awareness of the event and effectively communicate important details like times and locations, Creative Curiosity develops a suite of communications pieces including easily printable 11”x17” posters to hang around town, a series of print ads for local newspapers, a brochure outlining the schedule, and a popular commemorative 18”x24” poster available for sale at the events.