Collaboration, creativity and hard work

Problems and messes are launch pads. Objectives and metrics are mountains to be climbed. Restrictions and limitations are worthy opponents. Moving parts and changing goalposts are a riddle to be solved. Are you getting the picture? We love this game. We don’t have a particular style or look, but we bring a strong perspective based on design principles of balance, beauty, insight, and synergy. We begin with a client’s vision, listen to challenges, focus on objectives and then get down to the game of great design. We’ve done this before. And we’ve learned a few things the hard way. That means our process is better. Our play list is longer. We get to the right solution sooner.

Some things we’d like you to know

We’re incredibly lucky to spend our lives making beautiful things. The least we can do is make it fun for our sponsors.
Design is a team sport. Let’s do this together.

Our Talented Team

Cristine Wehner

Chief Amazement Officer
Owner / Creative Director

Ashley Metesh-McCoy

Director of Awesome /
Controller of Creative Chaos
Project Manager / Director of Operations

Barbara Strehler

Editor Extraordinaire
Copywriter / Editor

Danielle Pierce

Dream Alchemist
Senior Graphic Designer

Amanda Head

Swiss Army Knife
Web Designer

Toni Stevens

Design Ninja
Junior Graphic Designer

Aliyah Ware

Ambassador of Buzz
Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist

Melissa Thomasma

Storytelling Jedi
Copy writer & Communications Strategist

Collaborating Partners

Even though they’re not TECHNICALLY part of the Creative Curiosity team, we couldn’t do what we do without our collaborating partners. We’re lucky to work with a network of talented and dedicated writers, videographers, photographers, public relations experts, web developers, printers and more to help make our clients visions a reality. Collaboration is our foundation, and we really value the role our partners play on our team.